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A Sailing Trip To The Whitsundays

A sailing trip to the Whitsundays

The first thing I noticed in my research on Australia are the beautiful Whitsundays because of white beaches, dolphins, the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and the open sea. Therefore I really wanted to see it!

In September 2017, I flew from Sydney to Proserpine to vacation on the Whitsunday Islands. My travel plans and the hostels can be found in my article about Airlie Beach.

I had already picked out and booked the boat before. Actually, I wanted to do a reduced tour of Bookme, but I could not predict when I would come to Fraser Island and only combined tours were offered.

The different boats to the Whitsundays

When choosing the boat you are spoiled for choice, because there are pure party boats, boats for the elderly etc. First of all I wanted a sailing trip with some party and cool activities. I came across the New Horizon, which offers not only snorkelling but also stand-up paddle and a giant slide.

Unfortunately, you can carry only limited luggage with each boat and only bags without zippers as they are afraid of bed-bugs. Jackets or other things with zippers is no problem. In addition, there is relatively little space on board and you do not really need much. We were allowed to take 2 bags, as well as our drinks.

The New Horizon Boat at the Whitsundays

The giant slide of the New Horizon at the Whitsundays
The giant slide of the New Horizon

The first day on the New Horizon

After checking out at the Magnums I went to my tour operator, where I had booked the sailing trip to the Whitsundays. Here I was able to store my suitcase for $ 5 while I was on the boat.

From here you walk to the Abell Point Marina in Airlie Beach where the boat tour starts.

meeting point Abell Point Marina

Once arrived, all the names on the lists are ticked off, the wine bags are taken out of the cardboard packaging and you write your name on the silver plastic bag with wine.

Once everyone was finally there, we were taken to our boat. Everyone should first take a seat so we could go.

During the trip we were then first of all briefed, what is allowed, what not, what to look out for, etc.

Briefing on boar of the New Horizon at the Whitsundays

At our anchorage for the night arrived, we could go swimming or even start to drink 😉 The evening was also very wet happy and we celebrated. Even if I make something wrong: the second evening was not so long and there was less alcohol in the game.


Day 2 on the Whitsundays

After a short night (wake up time on the boat was 6 o’clock) we had breakfast. Freshly strengthened we went to our first snorkel trip in the neoprene suits. They have to be put on every time to protect yourself from the stingers.

Since the New Horizon has a small dinghy, you can be picked up every time and brought back to the ship.

The snorkelling itself was quite good, but no comparison to the underwater world of Egypt. Generally you can also dive and book a package but there was no dive master on my boat. Never the less I think it’s better to go diving at Cairns than here.

In the afternoon we went to the famous Whitehaven Beach which is the absolute highlight of the Whitsundays!

The boats don´t anchore at the actual Whithaven Beach to not spoil the beauty of Whitehaven Beach. With the dinghy they will bring you to the so called `Shity Beach`. The name comes from the fact that it is not very nice and you expect something different when you arrive here.

shity beach at whitehaven beach, whitsundays

As with the school trips is waited until all are there and then went to the first highlight: The viewpoint overlooking the Whitehaven Beach. I think we spent almost an hour here until everyone took their pictures, a group picture etc.

whitehaven beach, whitsundays

nadine at whitehaven beach, whitsundays Whitehaven Beach from the view point

Once all were finally finished, we went on to the actual beach and what should I say? I was speechless. I have never seen such white sand!

white sand at whitehaven beach, whitsundays

Group picture at whitehaven beach, whitsundays

Our crew member then led us to the other side of the beach where everyone skated around with a ray and gave us some information about these beautiful animals.

On the way back to our anchorage we even had the luck to see dolphins which accompanied us a bit.

Dolphins at the whitsundays

sunset at the whitsundays

As indicated before the desire for alcohol left us a little bit at the end of the second day. Never the less we had a glass of wine or beer after dinner. but most people were tired and you just talked.

Our last day on board the New Horizon

And again it was time to get up early …. too early!

After breakfast it was the same procedure as the day before. We went the the back of the boat, got a stinger suit and went into the water. The crew started pumping up the water slide early on and we were able to start directly.

We had a diving board, the slide and stand-up paddles (SUP) for our disposal.

stand up paddles of the new horizon at the whitsundays

The giant slide of the New Horizon at the Whitsundays
The giant slide of the New Horizon

Unfortunately we went back to Airlie Beach really early around 11 clock but furthermore there is a party on the next evening.

The next days I relaxed at the beach or lagoon, did the flight over the heart reef and a skydive which was pretty awesome!

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