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Barefoot Kuata On Fiji – Discover Paradise!

Barefoot Kuata on Fiji – Discover paradise!

On the way to Barefoot Kuata

In the morning at 7 o’clock we went to Barefoot Kuata Island by ferry from South Sea Cruises. By bus we were picked up at the hotel and driven to Port Denarau. There you pick up your tickets for the ferry and get a trailer to his luggage, so it is unloaded on the right island.

Boarding time at Port Denarau, Fiji
Boarding time at Port Denarau, Fiji

The first island to be driven is South Sea Island and really very small. Jenny, whom I met on Barefoot Kuata, was here before and said that you can wander around the island in 5 minutes.

View to South Sea Island from the ferry
View to South Sea Island from the ferry

After that there were 4 other islands until we came to Barefoot Kuata (Bounty Island, Treasure Island, Beachcumber Island and Vomo Island).

Arrival at Barefoot Kuata

Kuata Island is the gateway to the Yasawas Islands and you are traditionally greeted by the guard of the gateway who stands on his rock (Of course only if a ferry comes again ;-))

As soon as the ferry arrives, the small boats are ready to take the luggage and guests to the island.

Arrival at Barefoot Kuata, Fiji

Transfer from the ferry to Barefoot Kuata with a tender
Transfer from the ferry to Barefoot Kuata with a tender

With the small boats you get to the island and you do not have to worry about your luggage. At the arrival of the boats, the hotel staff sing traditional songs and call according to Bula (which means hello). Everyone shakes hands and welcomes the hotel guests in person.

Welcome by the hotel staff with singing and bula call
Welcome by the hotel staff with singing and bula call
Nice view from Barefoot Kuata
Nice view from the island
The restaurant at barefoot kuata, fiji
The restaurant at Barefoot Kuata

My accommodation at Barefoot Kuata

In order to keep the cost of the trip low, I only booked dorms through the travel agency and I do not regret it. Sure it is nice to have your own room and a hot shower, but in a dorm you get to know people much faster and you will spend less time in your room or dorm anyway.

The dorms on Barefoot Kuata Island are actually big tents with a wooden floor and directly near to the ocean. In the morning you will be awakened by a beautiful sunrise and sleep like a baby at night!

sunrise in front of the dorm at barefoot kuata, fiji
sunrise in front of the dorm
Beachfront with dorms at barefoot kuata
Beachfront with dorms
dorm lighted by the sundrise at barefoot kuata
My dorm at sunrise

Unfortunately we had no warm water on Barefoot Kuata, but with 29 degrees outside temperature it`s quite good to have a shower.

bathroom at barefoot kuata
The bathroom for dorms

Activities on Barefoot Kuata

Unfortunately I could not participate in many activities because of my twisted ankle. I really wanted to do a bull shark dive which was not possible because of this. I am sure that I will come back here and go for this dive!

Of course, there are several hiking trails on the island including the path to the back beach and a snorkelling tour with reef sharks. It’s like everywhere: all the hotel guests come with boats and it’s quite crowded, but the 65 Fiji $ was worth it.

Shark snorkelling at Barefoot Kuata
Shark snorkelling at Barefoot Kuata

You can also rent kayaks and go around the island, which is quite fun. But since it was the first correct station to relax, Jenny and I have the 2 days almost only on the beach chairs, read and relaxed.

I will definitely come back to Barefoot Kuata and book again a dorm here.

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