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Kitesurfing With A Dugong In Marsa Alam

Kitesurfing in Marsa Alam

This year we have been kitesurfing in Marsa Alam and have tested the new kitesurfing base of Tommy Friedl. One thing I can already anticipate: we were not promised too much. A manatee is located directly at the base, the spot is great and for kitesurf beginners there is a lagoon where the wind is constant and the water is not deep.

You can also snorkel directly at the house reef if the wind is not enough for the kitesurfing.

Why Kitesurf in Marsa Alam?

So far I have been flying to Hurghada every year and have enjoyed the time at the two kite stations at Jasmine Hotel and the Grand Seas Hostmark.

In 2015, Tommy decided to take the old base at Jasmine Hotel and find a new, quieter spot near Marsa Alam. Since we have known each other since 6 or 7 years, we have not only on holiday contact, but also on Facebook. He told me about the new spot and promised me I’d love it. Afterwards we planned to go to Marsa Alam for Kitesurfing in 2016.

kitesurfing center in marsa alam
The kitesurfing centre in ;arsa Alam
The kitesurfing station in Marsa Alam
The kitesurfing station in Marsa Alam
landing stage for snorkelling
landing stage for snorkelling

The Pro center Tommy Friedl in Marsa Alam

The base in Marsa Alam was completely rebuilt 2015 and is located in the Bay of El Naaba, at the three Corners Equinox Beach Resort.

The new base is equipped with everything you need to feel good:

  • Aloha Bar
  • Chairs and tables
  • Sofas
  • lying and bean bags
  • Storage for your kite stuff
  • A shop where you can find everything you need for kitesurfing or windsurfing
  • A shower
  • An air compressor for the kites (so you don’t have to inflate yourself when kitesurfing in Marsa Alam)
  • Air Pumps
  • Various kites, surfboards and SUPs

If you want to kitesurf, you can start directly from the beach, but anyone who wants to practise something else or take a course can go to the lagoon, a standing area where the wind is constant.

Kitesurfing lessons in Marsa Alam
Kitesurfing lessons in Marsa Alam
kitesurfing marsa alam
A lot of space to learn kitesurfing
kitesurfing with a dugong in marsa alam
kitesurfing with a dugong

You can get a little insight into Tommy’s video by showing the base:

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